Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November Meeting

On Thursday, November 15, WTS hosted its monthly lunch meeting. Jean Yu from STV came to speak about job opportunities at her company as well as the challenges and rewards of working in industry.

Transportation Mixer

Last Wednesday, November 14, WTS and ITE co-hosted the Transportation Mixer for all transportation graduate students as well as CEE faculty. We played people bingo, and ate delicious food. Check out the photos below.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October Meeting

We had our October lunch meeting yesterday. Tin Drum was on the menu (great idea, Lance!). We had two speakers: Deborah Byrd; a safety/security officer for GRTA, and Faye Lyons-Gary; the Senior Manager of Quality Assurance and Safety at Metropolitan Atlanta Transit Consultants (with MARTA). The topic was safety/security and public transportation.

Ms. Byrd on the left and Ms. Lyons-Gary on the right

Stef being supa supa excited for Tin Drum

Lance's seal of approval

Transportation Group Mixer

WTS and ITE will be hosting a mixer for students in the Transportation Group, as well as CEE faculty. The school chair, Dr. DesRoches, will be there as well. Check out the attached flyer for details.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

9/4/12 Meeting

At our first monthly meeting of the Fall semester, we had panelists Tom Wall, Jamie Fischer, and Donny Katz talk about different scholarships that they have won or applied for.

Lunch this month was sandwiches from Jimmy John's. Mmm!

New blog!

This is WTS' new blog. Check back for meeting info, photos, and other cool stuff!